Purchase The Music

CD's are $12 each (includes shipping) ​

     Included on the CD are: 

         1.   True Love 

           2.   A Sweet Beginning 

           3.   Our Beginning 

           4.   Love's Journey 

           5.   From This Day On 

          6.   Forevermore 

       Recorded by Pianist Gi-Yeon Huh


Purchase the Sheet Music 

- The score for each of these pieces were written in a way that the pianist performing at your wedding can loop the "bridesmaid section" as many times as needed to fit your wedding party.

- The music is easily adaptable to work for your special day.

- Click the title below to purchase and download the Sheet Music.

    1.  True Love (For Piano)

    2.  A Sweet Beginning (For Piano)

    3.  Our Beginning (For Piano)

    4.  Love's Journey (For Piano)

    5.  From This Day On(For Piano)

    6.  Forevermore (For Piano)

  • 1:06
  • 1:12

How the Recording Process Works

1. Everything for how the composition is done still applies EXCEPT:

  • Dates - at least *2 months* is required for the whole process (this is so that the same composition process may apply, as well as time for the recording musicians to rehearse, record, and time for the sound engineer to edit and mix the recording.
  • Payment for the composition will stay the same, BUT payment for the musicians, sound engineer, and fixer fee will be required BEFORE the recording takes place. 
  • A recording contract must also be signed

2. The sound engineer and musicians that Hannah uses are professionals in their field to provide the most high quality recording.

  • Hannah's preferred people are located in Nashville, TN. 
  • Hannah will over-see the entire recording process

​3. Client receives final score and parts as well as the WAV and MP3 file of the recording. 

Personalized Wedding Music

​​​Wedding Processional Library

            - personalized wedding processionals/music

    Composed by Hannah Greene

    Performed by Gi-Yeon Huh

  • True Love2:47
  • Our Beginning2:30
  • Loves Journey1:48
  • From This Day On1:59
  • A Sweet Beginning2:34
  • Forevermore3:06

Price List 

Wedding Processional:

  • Solo Instrument = $250
  • Duet = $275
  • 3-5 Instruments = $300

Add a 2nd Piece:

  • Solo Instrument = $100
  • Duet = $125
  • 3-5 Instruments = $150
    • ​This can be for the Recessional, Candle Lighting, Groom/Groomsmen Entrance, Family Seating....

What the new Composition price includes:

  • A one-on-one consultation with the composer
  • 1 newly composed and customized wedding processional
  • 1 mock-up* of the score
  • The sheet music
    • Parts are included for ensembles. 
  • The music may be adjusted up to 2-weeks before delivery date agreed on in the contract after the one-on-one consultation

Recording Prices:

  • ​$75 - per musician 
  • $100 - for the sound engineer
  • $20 - fixer fee per artist required
    • ​​( This fee is for finding the musicians, scheduling the rehearsals, locations, and the recording session.)

What the Recording price includes:

  • A recording of the newly composed wedding music
    • Price for one piece. To record multiple pieces contact Hannah Greene.
      • WAV/MP3 or CD 
  • The fixer fee pays for the time hiring Musician(s)/Engineer, scheduling, and oversight of the recording session.
  • The music may be adjusted up to 2 weeks prior to the recording date agreed on in the contract at the one-on-one consultation. 
    • The customer will receive a mock-up* 1 month prior to the delivery date to "ok" the piece. This allows the proper amount of time for any editing to be done before the recording session. 

* A “mock-up” is a computer generated audio file made to allow the bride/client to hear the new piece before they receive the score or recording. 

​​​​​Example of Price 

  • ​​​​Wedding processional     -------------------------------------------     $275
    • Duet - piano and cello 
  • Recording ---------------------------------------------------------------     $310
    • 2 musicians ($75 x 2 = $150)
    • sound engineer ($100)
    • fixer fee ($20 x 3 artists = $60)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total  $585

Example of Mock-up vs. Live Recording:

  • Below is an example of the difference between what a mock-up sounds like compared to a live recording with professional musicians.  
  • "You're My Lobster" was commissioned by Shawn and Elaine Crosby for their wedding day. Since their ceremony was on a cruise ship they needed their piece to be recorded. 
  •  The couple choose the title of the piece and based it off an episode of "Friends". 

​​​​​​What if the music you walked down the aisle to was 

"Something New"?

Customize a brand new piece of music to walk down the aisle to by commissioning Hannah Y Greene 
This new composition can be composed for:
- Any instrument(s) of your choice
- The length of the aisle 
- How many bridesmaids/flower girl you have
- Any other specialization to meet your specific needs

- Add an extra piece such as an a recessional, candle lighting, family entrance, groom/groomsmen entrance.... etc. - see pricing below

You can also purchase a pre-written wedding precessional from the Library below.
*Most of these piece have never been used before and were written as examples to showcase at a bridal expo* 

How This Works

1. Contact Hannah Y Greene to set up a free consultation. 

  • Discuss needs such as style, length, and instrumentation
  • Hannah will walk client through suggestions and options
  • To proceed, a $50 deposit will be required and and signed contract.
  • Dates will be decided on for when Hannah will send the samples, mock-up, and final music, as well as when the final payments will be due.
  • The whole process requires at least *1 month* before the due date (this is for 1 piece, if more pieces are required more time will be needed.)

2. Hannah will compose 4-6 melodies in accordance to the discussion at the consultation. 

  • Client listens through the samples and picks one
  • Hannah will then compose a full piece based on the chosen melody

3. The Mock-up

  • Once Hannah has finished composing the piece she will create a mock-up to send to the client. This is a computer generated sample of the music so that the client can hear what the whole piece will sound like. -- please keep in mind that since this is computer generated it will lack the nuances that a live performer brings to the music and is just a sample. 
    • ​Please listen to the example between the differences between a live performer and a mockup
  • Client then decides if they love the piece or if adjustments need to be made
  • Adjustments can be made up to 2 weeks before final date agreed on

4. Once the client has "ok-ed" the piece, Hannah will finalize all adjustments, create the final score and parts for each instrument. 

  • At this point the final payment would be due​.

5. Client receives the final score and parts​​​​ to pass on to their musicians.