1. The first step is talking with the bride (the couple) to figure out what they want. This includes things such as: instrument(s), length, record it or have live musicians...
          ----  I have found many brides don't not know what they want: I am here to work with you and to help you make decisions by talking through options, sending examples of what others have done to see what you might like or not, OR the bride can begin by taking this SURVEY

2. I then begin to compose. This is a creative process just like painting a picture... it starts with a sketch and then I fill it out...  I send the bride examples of the work to make sure she likes what I am writing or see if it needs to be adjusted. This is YOUR SPECIAL DAY and I aim to make it perfect for you! 
3. Once I finish, I email a “mockup” - this is an electronically produced sample of the piece so you can hear what it will sound like. The mockup, since it is computer generated, is never as beautifully performed as it will be by a real musician, but gives you a really good idea of what the final product will sound like. 
4. Once you tell me it's perfect, I either send you the score for the musician to practice and perform OR we record the piece.

Extra requirements:
1. I need 30 days or more - from start to finish - to compose your new processional.
2. If you decide to record the music as well, then I need 45 days or more. 
3. It is good to plan it so that you can receive your music 2 weeks BEFORE your wedding so that you and the wedding party can listen and familiarize yourself with the new music. 
4. A signed contract will be required between myself and you. This basically states that you have commissioned me to write you a new piece, payment, and addresses copyright laws. 

The Recording Process:

1. Once I finish the composition I hire the musicians and sound engineer.
2. I get the music to the musician(s) to allow them at least a week to practice the piece.
3. I organize a date with the musician, sound engineer, myself and rent a studio to record the piece. The recording usually takes ~3 hours.
4. Then the sound engineer edits the recording (takes about a week) and sends me a WAV and MP3 of the recording, which I then pass on to you. 

"You're My Lobster" was new wedding ceremony music commissioned by a bride and groom who loved watching the tv show "Friends" from which the Title came from. For their wedding music, they wanted a "groom entrance" section, a "bridesmaid entrance" section and then the "bridal entrance"... all as one piece of music. The amount of repetitions in each section matched the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen they had in their wedding party. The couple chose guitar, violin, and piano for their instrumentation and had the piece professionally recorded and edited since they were getting married on a cruise ship and would not have live musicians. 

You’re My Lobster - How the piece worked with their wedding party:

Intro 0:0 (Solo Piano)

Groomsman 1 – 0:39 (Guitar and Piano)
Groomsman 2 – 0:58
Groomsman 3 – 1:18
Groomsman 4 – 1:38
Groomsman 5 – 1:58
Groomsman 6 – 2:18
The Groom – 2:38
Bridge – 2:57

Bridesmaid 1 – 3:06   (Violin and Piano)
Bridesmaid 2 – 3:37
Bridesmaid 3 – 4:07
Bridesmaid 4 – 4:39
Bridesmaid 5 – 5:11
Bridesmaid 6 – 5:42
Bridge – 6:13

Flower girls and Bride – 6:25 (Guitar, Violin, and Piano)

Casey's Song was written for Casey's wedding processional. This short version shows snippets of the piece and how the sections were written for her wedding party which included: seating the mothers, 6 bridesmaids, 2 junior bridesmaids, flower girl and the Bride.

Wedding Processionals

Performed by Gi-Yeon Huh on Piano

Composed and Recorded by Hannah Greene

     These are all non-commissioned pieces I composed in my own time. If you love one of these pieces and wish to use it in your wedding ceremony the music can be purchased on the Purchase Scores page.  The scores are written for piano and were scored in a way to allow the musician to repeat and alter the length to account for your wedding party (how many bridesmaids you have). 

Who am I and how did this begin?

I have a Bachelor and Master degree in music composition. Apart from composing stage and choral music, I have also composed for stage theatre as well as few short films.

My best friend was getting married and asked me to write a new piece for her. It made me realize that 1. Weddings are basically a stage production and 2. Brides don’t want “Here Comes the Bride” any more and "Canon in D" is overused.

SO, I offer brand new  music compositions for the wedding ceremony, which can be personalized for the Bride and her wedding party.

  • Forevermore3:06
  • True Love2:47
  • Our Beginning2:30
  • From This Day On1:59
  • A Sweet Beginning2:34
  • Love's Journey1:48

Price List

New Wedding Ceremony Music

Don't want to walk down the aisle to 'Here Comes the Bride'?
-- BUT not sure what to use instead? 

I compose BRAND NEW music and CUSTOMIZE it to your
wedding party size and needs!

Examples of a *Commissioned Wedding Piece*

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