Don't want to walk down the aisle to the "Bridal March" at your wedding?

 Not sure what else to use? 

What about a brand new piece just for your special day! Hannah Y Greene can compose a new piece of music tailored to your specific needs and wedding party. This can include specialized instrumentation, length, style, and even be professionally recorded!

Check out "You're My Lobster" below for an example of the possibilities! 

"You're My Lobster" was a new wedding ceremony commission piece. The title was chosen by the bride and groom who loved watching the tv show "Friends." For their ceremony piece, they wanted a "groom entrance" section, a "bridesmaid entrance" section and then the "bridal entrance"... all as one piece of music. The amount of repetitions in each section matched the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen they had in their wedding party. The couple chose guitar, violin, and piano for their instrumentation and paid extra to have the piece professionally recorded and edited since they were getting married on a cruise ship and would not have live musicians. 

You’re My Lobster - How the piece worked with their wedding party:
Intro 0:0 (Solo Piano)

Groomsman 1 – 0:39 (Guitar and Piano)
Groomsman 2 – 0:58
Groomsman 3 – 1:18
Groomsman 4 – 1:38
Groomsman 5 – 1:58
Groomsman 6 – 2:18
The Groom – 2:38
Bridge – 2:57

Bridesmaid 1 – 3:06   (Violin and Piano)
Bridesmaid 2 – 3:37
Bridesmaid 3 – 4:07
Bridesmaid 4 – 4:39
Bridesmaid 5 – 5:11
Bridesmaid 6 – 5:42
Bridge – 6:13

Flower girls and Bride – 6:25 (Guitar, Violin, and Piano)

Example of a *Commissioned Wedding Piece*

Price List

New Wedding Music

Pre-Composed Wedding Processional Pieces

Performed by Gi-Yeon Huh on Piano

Composed and Recorded by Hannah Greene

     The sheet music for each of these wedding pieces are available for purchase on the Purchase Scores page.  A burned disc including all the pieces is also available for purchase below. 

Composer | Orchestrator | Teacher 

  • Forevermore3:06
  • True Love2:47
  • Our Beginning2:30
  • From This Day On1:59
  • A Sweet Beginning2:34
  • Love's Journey1:48

A Sweet Beginning

Burned Disc available for purchase

Wedding Album CD available for purchase

       - Purchase a homemade CD of all 6 piano recordings to use at your wedding!

       - Included on the CD is: 


               True Love

               Our Beginning

               From This Day On

               A Sweet Beginning

               Love's Journey     

Wedding Music Options:

1. Commission Hannah Y Greene to write a brand new piece - tailored specifically for you and your special day!

2. Purchase sheet music of pre-composed pieces for your Pianist to play at your wedding. These pieces were not commission pieces  made for a specific client and are therefore available for anyone to use. List of pieces can be heard below and the scores can be found on the "Purchase Scores" page.