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Solo Piano Works:

Paper Butterflies

  • Paper Butterflies is a musical representation of the butterfly craft I made as a kid --- you put paint on one half of a piece of paper and then fold it so that the "wings" of the butterfly are a mirror image. In the same way, the music completely retrogrades half way through the piece. Beginning lightly like a nostalgic dream, the music gradually builds in complexity and and density, mimicking the way paint would build towards the center. It then slowly fades away. 

Hannah's Song


**These next pieces were written as a wedding processional piece but could stand as a solo piano piece** 

True Love

Our Beginning

Love's Journey

From This Day On


A Sweet Beginning


Serenade and Disintegration

  • The "Harp Serenade and Disintegration" explores the many idiomatic sounds of the harp while exploring the diverse sounds it can create through extended techniques. "Serenade" focuses on melody and timbre with the extended technique of tapping on the soundboard as a main element. "Disintegration" mixes sounds and inspiration from Gershwin, Brubeck and Salzedo. The focus is on rhythm and glissandos. The piece is in a quasi-rondo form that unravels the melody and rhythmic refrain as the piece moves in time. The extended techniques used in "Disintegration" are soundboard tapping, harmonics, and vertical fingernail sliding up the strings. Premiered by Rebecca Moritzky

Ensemble Pieces


  • For cello and Clarinet
  • This piece was a commissioned work for the Door Open, Milwaukee, WI in Sept. 2016. It was premiered and dedicated to the Ambassador Hotel. As I was looking through pictures of the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee, Wi., a few words came to mind about the interior design. Some of these words were “geometric,” “ornate,” and “reflective.” I used these words as an influential aspect to inspire the piece.


  • For Soprano, Horn in F, and Piano
  • A trio for Soprano, Horn and Piano, this beautiful piece describes the destruction of a forest fire through the poem written by Sarah Chastain. After the sadness of the aftermath of a fire, rain comes and new birth begins to rebuild the forest again. 


  • For Trumpet, Trombone, Horn in F, and Tuba
  • Compass was written so that each instrument represents the four corners of the earth and their respective “winds”. The performers should play from all four sides of the audience so that the music surrounds the room. The Trumpet should stand at the front of the audience. They represent the “North Wind.” In Greek mythology, Boreas was the god of the north wind and bringer of cold winter air. All compasses point north, therefore the trumpet is the leader. He begins the piece and calls all to join him at the end of the piece. The Trombone should stand on the right side of the audience. They represent the “East Wind.” Eurus is the Greek god of the east wind. He is unlucky and a bringer of evil things. The Tuba should play behind the audience. They are the “South Wind.” In Greek mythology Notus was the god of the south wind and brought late summer and autumn storms. The French Horn should stand on the left side of the audience. They represent the “West Wind.” In Greek mythology, Zephyrus was the west wind and brought springtime. It is considered the mildest wind. To add another cyclic layer to the piece, each part was written in a different key signature according to their orientation on the compass and the circle of 5ths. The trumpet was written in C Major. The trombone is in A major and switches between A minor. The Tuba would be in F# major but was written in F# minor—they switch between the two keys. The Horn is in concert pitch Eb major (transposed to Bb major). 

Doloroso Quartet

  • For Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano
  • Doloroso is Latin for sorrowful. The cello was chosen as the primary expressive instrument to describe this emotion. Combined with violin, clarinet, and piano, the four instruments stretch the tempo as a key element to express sorrow. The piano gives weight to the seriousness of the emotion by utilizing the lower register. The timbre of the clarinet adds its own melody of sorrow and the violin reaches up to the heavens in a cry for help. Premiere of the Doloroso Quartet 

The Brook

  • For Soprano and Guitar
  • "The Brook" is a beautiful poem written by Lord Alfred Tennyson. Soprano Sarah Cambidge and guitarist Travis Chastain (both Alumni of the University of Denver) commissioned the poem to be set to music. Throughout the piece, the juxtaposition of life and death, consistency and change is represented by contrasting different timbres of voice and guitar. It is also represented with a change in time signature using both duple and triple meter, and by rhythmically placing two notes against three. The piece moves through three different stages of life—beginning, middle, and end—then cycles back to the beginning. "For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever." Premiere performance by Travis and Sarah: Work is ~6 minutes long

Choral Music

My Vision

  • SATB
  • An a cappella arrangement of the traditional hymn, Be Thou My Vision

He Died For Me

  • SATB
  • This new choir piece for SATB includes an arrangement of the hymns "Up From the Grave," "Fairest Lord Jesus" and "Amazing Grace" it also includes a new verse/chorus by composer Hannah Y Greene. This piece was written for Easter, but could be used anytime of the year.


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