Sample Concert Works

Doloroso Quartet

  • Clarinet- Julian Bohorquez,Violin- Nicole Rafferty, 
  • Cello- Julia Tsogyal Woodrich Emery​, Piano- Skylar Anderson

Piano Trilogy

  • Piano - Gi-Yeon Huh


  • ​Oboe- Caleb Bradley, Soprano- Danielle Gillespie, Alto- Alexandra Kotis, Tenor- Blake Nawa'a​, Bass- John T Jones

Paper Butterflies​

  • Piano - Skylar Anderson

Porch Swing

  • Lamont Symphony Orchestra


By Hannah Greene

Peter Thomas - cello

Benjamin Adler - clarinet

An original composition inspired by and performed in the Ambassador Hotel. Presented by Doors Open Milwaukee and Access Contemporary Music. 

"The Brook"

Soprano - Sarah Chastain

 Guitar - Travis Chastain

Contemporary MUsic Composer


Soprano - Sarah Chastain

 Horn - Elaine Anderies

Piano - Hannah Greene

"Porch Swing"

Performed by the

Lamont Symphony Orchestra

  • Doloroso Quartet2:22
  • Piano Trilogy3:11
  • BOATS2:27
  • Paper Butterfies3:52
  • The Porch Swing1:39

A s music composer I especially enjoy working one-on-one with musicians. I have been asked by multiple people to write something tailored to their voice or instrument and am always looking for a new collaboration. Some examples are listed below. SO, if you would like a brand new piece for a recital, for your new ensemble, or whatever it is, feel free to contact me! 

Many of my scores are for sale to download at  Visit my "Services & Scores" tab for more information.