Score Supervisor

“City of Roses” (2015)

  • Score Supervisor during recording session of music for film.
  • Music by David Harmax
  • Recorded in Windmill Lane Studio – Dublin, Ireland


“Macbeth - of Scotland Inc.” (2018)

  • Short film by Director Lauren LaCasse
  • Composed music for entire film
  • Wrote and Performed Song "Stars, Hide Your Fires"
    • Can be heard on Soundcloud
  • Producer for film

"Saddest Smile" (2017)

  • Short film by Director Nikhil Agnihotri
  • Composed new music for film

"Rear View Mirror" (2016)

  • Short Film by Director Nikhil Agnihotri
  • Music by Hannah Y Greene

"Cute Little Dove" (2017)

  • Short film by Director Nikhil Agnihotri
  • Composed new music for film
  • Wrote and Performed song "Walk With You" 
    • Can be heard on Soundcloud

“Reconcile” (2015)

  • Short film by Director Marcus Lucas
  • Two pieces of music used in film: “Sentimental Theme” and “Beginning”

“Encounter at Comic Con” (2011)

  • Documentary by Carly Jerome
  • Composed music (piece plays at 5:42-8:14 and again at the end credits)
  • Music by Hannah Greene, Tim Girard and Graham Southern

Hannah Y Greene composed new music for "Macbeth of Scotland Inc." The film is a re-contextualization of Shakespeare's "Macbeth." 

Trailer Music Sample

  • Hannah's Song1:51
  • All Hail Macbeth2:37
  • Montage Love & War3:22
  • Fantasy3:01
  • Inspiration1:59
  • Children's Adventure2:28

Short Film 

In the film, "The Accident" the director wanted the music to contrast with the content of the film. He enjoyed the playful sound and also wanted a touch of ethnic instrumentation at the end. 

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Film Credits

Hannah Y Greene's Showreel has samples from multiple films that she has worked on. The reel shows the various styles, instrumentation, mockup and live instrument recording possibilities that she is able to create new music for. 

For the password, please contact Hannah through the contact page. Thank you!

Film Music Samples

Composer | Orchestrator | Teacher 

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Short Film - Drama

In this short film, the director/writer beautifully addresses some hard issues of a rough childhood. The music is melancholy piano/strings with a touch of  "light in the dark" sound from the flute. 

Hannah Y Greene's Showreel