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Piano Training

As a child, Hannah’s oldest sister received a little toy keyboard for Christmas. That became Hannah’s favorite toy and she spent a lot of time figuring out tunes on it and putting chords to them by ear. With that tiny keyboard Hannah worked through piano books up through level 3, teaching herself how to read music and playing songs by ear. Her father, who was a clarinetist through college, was able to help answer questions that arose while teaching herself, but the lessons books are fairly explanatory… That being said, her parents realized she needed lessons to make sure she was learning properly and at age 13 they bought her first upright piano and put her in official lessons. From age 13 to 18 Hannah enjoyed practicing piano and excelled quickly – performing the “Hungarian Rhapsody II” by F. Liszt at her senior recital. At that point Hannah took a year break from the piano to learn the violin – basically mastering “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” before going back to piano. She auditioned at Denver Metro State College and was accepted. There she developed severe tendinitis which then turned into other health issues causing Hannah to put aside the dream of becoming a concert pianist and focus more on her growing passion for Composition.

Choral Expereince


Hannah Greene performed in multiple children’s choirs growing up both professional, school, and at church. With these groups she performed live with Steven Curtis Chapman and was even part of a Christmas CD recording. In college she performed with the Women’s Choir during which she had a amazing opportunity to meet Morten Lauridsen and perform multiple times with a full orchestra, both college level and professional. After college Hannah Greene was personally invited by Dr. Catherine Sailer to sing with the Evan’s Choir, a professional group based in Denver, CO. They performed a couple times with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, performed at Carnegie Hall, and travel to Rome where they performed at the Vatican during a service and held a concert at Saint Agnese Cathedral at the Piazza Navona.

Hannah has also performed with multiple church choirs and composed choral music for church services including new Christmas and Easter music (see Scores for sale). She became the Music Director at Skyview Presbyterian Church where she conducted and led the choir in service once a month.

Music Education


Hannah Greene earned an Associate of Art in Graphic Design and Photography from Front Range Community College and continues to enjoy doing projects in 2D and 3D art forms. She completed her Bachelor of Composition at the University of Denver in the Fall of 2013, having switched from Metro State to DU after her hand injury so she could focus on Music Composition. In 2015, Hannah studied in Dublin, Ireland earning a Master’s in Scoring for Film and Visual Media at Pulse College.

Pre-college Hannah studied piano under Alyson Hayes-Myers and Dr. Grace Asquith. Many prominent professionals Hannah has worked with while in college include Hsing-Ay Hsu. Working towards her Bachelor in Composition she studied with Dr. Chris Malloy, William Hill, and Leanna Kirchoff. While in Ireland, Hannah had the pleasure to work with leading film industry people such as Andy Hill, Garry Schyman, Richard Bellis, Christopher Young, and Conrad Pope.

With 10+ years studying classical piano and performing as a vocalist in multiple choirs, Hannah has also participated in a Jazz Ensemble, Musical Theatre, and North Indian Classical Music Ensemble giving her a vast array of experience in different musical styles.

Composition Experience


Hannah would “play her emotions on the piano” while growing up, meaning she had a sad song, a happy song, an angry song.... and her sister knew them each. There was one summer she could not find a piece that spoke to how she felt, so she composed one, and this started her passion for composition. Hannah really enjoys writing music for the piano for which she can also perform. Then in college she had the opportunity to work with other musicians and relished the challenge of learning to compose well for new instruments. This has led to multiple commissions by musicians to write a piece specific for them. (See “The Brook” under Concert Music for example).

Hannah has always loved the theatre, so while working as the House Manager at the University of Denver’s theatre department she was able to compose new works for staged productions. This opened the opportunity to compose for professional theatre groups such as “This” for the BETC (Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company) and “Hamlet” for the theatre department at Providence College in Rhode Island. She has also done multiple short film compositions and aspires to continue to compose for both theatre and film.

Her works have been performed by The Playground Ensemble, The Sage Ensemble, Skyview Presbyterian Church Choir, Lamont Composer Concert Series, Lamont Symphony Orchestra, University of Denver Theatre, BETC (Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company), Open Space Festival of New Music at the University of Northern Colorado, and in Chester, England.

Film Credits


On as Hannah Y Greene

"Macbeth of Scotland Inc." (2019)

o Directed by Lauren LaCasse

o Music by Hannah Y Greene

"Saddest Smile" (2017)

o Short film by Director Nikhil Agnihortri

o Composed music for entire film

"Cross Purposes" (2016)

o Short film by Director Stephanie Mitchell

o Composed music for entire film

"Rear View Mirror" (2016)

o Short Film by Director Nikhil Agnihotri

o Music by Hannah Y Greene

"Cute Little Dove" (2016)

o Directed by Nikhil Agnihotri

o Music by Hannah Y Greene

“Reconcile” (2015)

o Short film by Director Marcus Lucas

o Two pieces of music used in film: “Sentimental Theme” and “Beginning”

“City of Roses” (2015)

o Score Supervisor during recording session of music for film.

o Music by David Harmax

o Recorded in Windmill Lane Studio – Dublin, Ireland

“Encounter at Comic Con” (2011)

o Documentary by Carly Jerome

o Composed music (piece plays at 5:42-8:14 and again at the end credits)

o Music by Hannah Greene, Tim Girard and Graham Southern

Theatre Credits


"Hamlet" (2018)

o Produced at Providence College in Rhode Island

o Composed entre-acte, songs for Ophelia and underscore music as well as sound effects

o Worked directly with Sound Designer and Director

“The Myth of Pegasus” (2014 and re-worked in 2018)

o By Katy Williams and Hannah Young

o Senior Project by Katy Williams at the University of Denver

o Composed orchestral music for acts I, II, III, and IV

o Performed and recorded by students at the University of Denver

- Re-worked to lengthen and perform at festival in Summer of 2018

“WASP” (2014)

o By Steve Martin

o Senior Project by Cheyenne Michaels

o Composed “Theme Song” – orchestral

o Performed and recorded by students at the University of Denver

“THIS” (2014)

o By Melissa James Gibson

o Transcribed Jazz piano music

o Recorded piano music for live production

“Frankenstein” (2013)

o Script by Nick Dear (from the novel by Mary Shelly)

o Senior Project by Lauren LaCasse at the University of Denver

o Composed small ensemble music for entr'acte, prelude, and postlude.

o Performed by:

• Violin: Nicole Rafferty

• Musical Saw: Caroline McCaskey

• Piano: Skylar Anderson

• Percussion: Chantise Hunt

Concert Music and Orchestration


Doors Open Milwaukee – commission

An original piece inspired by and performed in the Ambassador Hotel. This Art Deco hotel is full of glass gold and everything shiny creating the title of the piece “Reflections.” In keeping with the times Hannah choose clarinet and cello with a nod to Jazz styled music in this new work thereby combining modern music to reflect this beautiful historic building.

Music by Hannah Y Greene

Cello – Peter Thomas

Clarinet – Benjamin Adler

“Montage: Love and War” (2015)

o Composed 3 minute piece for 110-piece orchestra

o Worked with Conrad Pope for the piece

o Copyist for 110-piece orchestra (made all scores and parts)

o Recorded piece in Sofia, Bulgaria

o Score Supervisor during live recording

Commission to compose music

o For Harpist Rebecca Moritzky

o “Harp Serenade and Disintegration” (2014)

Commission to compose music

o For Soprano Sarah Cambidge and Guitarist Travis Chastain

o “The Brook” (2013)

Open Space Festival of New Music at the University of Northern (2013)

o Won competition to have a performance of piece “Piano Trilogy I, II, III”

o Performed by Gi-Yeon Huh

o Met Alvin Lucier who attended the performance - See more at:

Teaching Experience


Hannah began teaching private piano lessons in her home when she was 16. At that time, she also organized and directed a Homeschool Children’s Choir and Theatre group which performed at senior and veteran homes around the Denver metro area. During her Bachelors, Hannah was personally asked by Dr. Chris Malloy to TA his orchestration class because there were no Master students available that he knew would be knowledgeable enough to do it. There she helped grade lessons, tutor, and help with final projects. This was a huge honor and something Hannah really enjoyed doing. After college Hannah began tutoring pre-college students for music theory and composition. She also began a pre-school music class in which they sang songs, learned rhythm and other musical aspects, learned instruments and even had guests come to showcase instruments. Hannah also organized and conducted choir for church services.

Work Experience


Hannah has experience composing, copyist work, score supervising, and recording for large ensembles (such as a 110-piece orchestra, which was recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria.) She is familiar with both USA and European standards of recording and performance practices in the music industry. Hannah has worked as a transcriber, recorded Jazz piano for a production at the BETC (Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company), orchestration and arranging, as well as score editing and supervising. She has taught piano, music theory to preparatory college students, composition, choir and drama for children, and a pre-school music class. She worked as the House Manager for the University of Denver Theatre Department for 5 years and served as the Music Director and Choir Conductor at Skyview Presbyterian Church.

Freelance Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Transcriber, Editor ---- 2014-Current

• Compose work for concert, film and theatre productions

• Transcribe music

• Edit orchestral score and parts

• Arrange music for choir, ensembles, and orchestra

Score Supervisor ---- 2014-Current

• Assist sound booth engineer during recording session

• Collaborate with composer and conductor on recording good “takes”

• Take notes on separate “takes” to assist composer on getting a good recording

Score Editor ---- 2014-Current

o Edit orchestral and ensemble compositions for other composers

o Edit scores and parts of compositions

• Make sure all scores and parts are easily read-able

o Example: Ronan Scolard's piece “Coinnle an Linbh Iosa” for 45-piece orchestra

• Performed by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra

o Example: Worked as the Teacher Assistant for upper level orchestration class at the University of Denver, grading assignments and assisting students with final project

Founder and President of Sage Ensemble ---- 2014-2017

Manage all finance, business, and legal issues for the ensemble

• Organize and run concerts/performances, conduct when necessary

• Compose new music for ensemble

House Manager for University of Denver Theatre Department ---- 2012-2017

• Work with Stage Manager, Box Office, and Parking at DU

• Managed volunteer ushers and audience during shows

• Did the welcome announcement for theatre performances

• Write event reports

• Secured facility after shows

Music Educator ---- 2001-Current

• Teach private piano lessons, ages 4-adult

• Teach Pre-College Music Theory class

• Teach Pre-School Music Class, ages 3 - 5

• Organized and Directed Children's Choir and Drama

o Ages 4-18 (2001-2015)

o Performed at senior citizen homes, veteran homes and friends and family concert

Teacher Assistant ---- Fall 2013

• Orchestration class at University of Denver (upper division theory course)

• Professor Chris Malloy personally asked me to be his TA

• Graded orchestration assignments

• Assisted students with final orchestration assignment

Executive Assistant to Head of Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate---- 2013-2014

• Office administration

• Financial record keeping (paid commissions and office bills)

• Teach class on Salesforce

Church Choir Director ---- 2010-2017

• Organize rehearsals and performances

• Conduct and lead the choir

Personal Life


Hannah is a freelance composer and teaches private piano lessons in her home studio. Apart from music Hannah enjoys cooking/baking, scrapbooking, hiking with the dog, travel, museums, going to the theatre/concert/performance, hanging with friends and indulging in a glass of wine with dark chocolate and a movie.

Hannah is married to Brendan Greene and together they have a beautiful daughter named Clara Jane. They live in north Atlanta, GA with their dog and cats.

Hannah Y Greene's Biography and Experience