Music Studio

Private Piano Lessons,

Composition Lessons, &

Music Theory Tutor



$20 for 30 min.

$40 for 1 hour


My Home Studio - Located in North Forsyth County  

Ball Ground, GA (between Cumming and Canton on Hwy 369.)

Studio Times:

Tuesday and Wednesday

2pm - 5pm

     - Contact Hannah for available time slots

Ages: 4 - Adult

Beginner to Advanced

Payment: I require payment for the whole month on the first lesson of the month. 
- I require a 2 weeks notice for upcoming conflicts (vacation) for which I do not require payment.
- In case a student misses a pre-paid lesson, you may request a make-up lesson otherwise the payment is forfeit. 


Musical Style:  My training is classical, and I firmly believe that learning classical music gives a student a solid foundation from which they can apply to other styles. When a student has reached Level 2 I allow them to pick one piece to work on (Jazz, pop, Broadway, hymn…) and I pick a piece for them to work on. 

Piano Requirement:  I am fine with beginners starting on a keyboard but if they continue to Level 2, students must have a real piano OR a full sized keyboard and the keys must be the correct size and weighted.

Lesson Books: I have specific piano literature that I prefer to use. Students are welcome to compliment pieces to work on alongside their required work. I also ask all my students have a notebook for me to write what they should work on that week.

Music Theory:   My students learn to read music, scales, music terms and symbols, and other music theory so that they will have a thorough understand of how music works and is put together. 

   I am very conscious about having good posture at the piano so that bad habits are not formed and to help keep away from injury.  This includes hands as well as the whole body. My good posture techniques are informed by the Alexander Technique. I am not a trained Alexander Technique teacher, but have done courses and pass on what I learned to my students. 

Memorization:To play a piano piece from memory is an amazing skill I encourage. It allows the performer to hear the piece differently. Instead of focusing on the notes of the page, they can focus on the musicality of the work. I have an incentive for memorization – memorize 5 pieces (or 5 pages of a work) and you get to choose a candy bar.

Recital:I hold an annual recital. I firmly believe it is healthy for students to learn how to perform.  Piano is something to be enjoyed by all people… composer, performer, and audience. 

Teaching Experience

Hannah Greene has a Masters in Music and has taught in multiple capacities. She has taught private piano lessons for 12+ years for all ages (4 to adult.) Hannah has also organized and lead a Homeschool Choir and Drama group for 6+ years. The group performed at multiple senior citizen and Veteran homes as an outreach to the community. After her Bachelor in Music, Hannah began tutoring Pre-college and College level music theory and teaching composition lessons. Last year, Hannah began a Pre-School Music Class which introduces many aspects of music to children ages 4-5.

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Hannah Greene