Concert Music and Orchestration (sample)_______________

“Montage: Love and War”
Worked with Conrad Pope
Composer and Copyist for 110-piece orchestra (made all scores and parts)
Recorded piece in Sofia, Bulgaria
Score Supervisor during live recording

Score Editor (sample)____________________________________
- Edit orchestral and ensemble compositions for other composers
- Edit scores and parts of compositions
- Make sure all scores and parts are easily read-able

Example: Ronan Scolard’s piece “Coinnle an Linbh Iosa” for 45-piece orchestra
- Performed by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra

Commissioned Concert Music (samples)__________________

“Harp Serenade and Disintegration” (2014)
For Harpist Rebecca Moritzky

“The Brook” (2013)

For Soprano Sarah Cambidge and Guitarist Travis Chastain

“Piano Trilogy I, II, III”
- Won competition to be performed at the Open Space Festival of New Music at the University of Northern (2013)
Performed by Gi-Yeon Huh

Scoring for film and theatre

A strong emphasis on narrative, story telling, and emotion is at the heart of the work Hannah enjoys composing music for. 



Hannah loves to work with all types of collaborators including musicians, 2D artists, dramatists and filmmakers. With a broad spectrum of interests, Hannah has written music for individual instruments, small ensembles, full orchestra, commissioned work for musicians, choirs, multiple stage theatre productions, documentary, and film. 

Hannah's Bio


Hannah's Experience

Hannah Greene is a composer, pianist, and vocalist residing in Atlanta,Georgia. 

10+ years studying piano and performing as a vocalist in multiple choirs, Hannah has also participated in a Jazz Ensemble, Musical Theatre, and North Indian Classical Music Ensemble giving her a vast array of experience in different musical styles. Hannah has experience composing, doing copyist work, score supervising, and recording music for small and large ensembles (such as a 110-piece orchestra in Sofia, Bulgaria.) She is familiar with both USA and European standards of recording and performance practices in the music industry. Hannah has worked as a transcriber, recorded Jazz piano for a production at the BETC (Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company), orchestration and arranging, as well as score editing and supervising.  As a music educator, Hannah has taught piano, music theory, choir and drama for children, organized and conducted choir for church services. 

Hannah Greene earned an Associate of Art in Graphic Design and Photography from Front Range Community College and continues to do projects in 2D and 3D art forms. She completed her Bachelor of Composition at the University of Denver in the fall of 2013. In 2015-2016, Hannah studied in Dublin, Ireland earning a Masters in Scoring for Film and Visual Media at Pulse College.

In addition to staying involved with two-dimensional art, Hannah is the House Manager for the University of Denver Theatre Department and serves as the Music Director and Choir Conductor at Skyview Presbyterian Church. Hannah is married to Brendan Greene and together they live in Denver with their two dogs, three cats and ferret.  

Film Credits___________________________________________

"Cross Purpose" (2016)

Short film by Director Stephanie Mitchell

Music by Hannah Greene

To view film click here

"Rear View Mirror" (2016)

Short film by Director Nikhil Agnihotri

Music by Hannah Greene

“Macbeth CEO” (2016 - in progress)
Short film by Director Lauren LaCasse
Music by Hannah Greene

For trailer click here

"Cute Little Dove" (2016 - in progress)
Directed by Nikhil Agnihotri

Music by Hannah Greene

“Reconcile” (2015)
Short film by Director Marcus Lucas
Two pieces of Hannah Greene's music used in the film:

“Sentimental Theme” and “Beginning”
Beginning 0:0-1:16, 
Sentimental Theme at 9:15-10:47 & 17:26-21:56

For trailer and purchase film click here

“City of Roses” (2015)

Director Andrew Kavanagh

Music by David Harmax

Score Supervisor - Hannah Greene
Recorded in Windmill Lane Studio – Dublin, Ireland

“Encounter at Comic Con” (2011)
Documentary by Carly Jerome
Composed music (piece plays at 5:42-8:14 and again at the end credits)
Music by Hannah Greene, Tim Girard and Graham Southern

To view film, click here

Theatre Credits_______________________________________

“The Myth of Pegasus” (2014)
By Katy Williams and Hannah Young
Senior Project by Katy Williams at the University of Denver
Hannah Greene composed orchestral music for acts I, II, III, and IV
Performed and recorded by students at the University of Denver

“WASP” (2014)
By Steve Martin
Senior Project by Cheyenne Michaels
Hannah Greene composed “Theme Song” (orchestral)
Performed and recorded by students at the University of Denver

“THIS” (2014)
By Mellissa James Gibson
Hannah Greene Transcribed Jazz piano music and recorded piano music for the live production

“Frankenstein” (2013)
Script by Nick Dear (from the novel by Mary Shelly)
Senior Project by Lauren LaCasse at the University of Denver
Hannah Greene composed small ensemble music for entr’acte, prelude, and postlude.
Performed by:

  • Violin: Nicole Rafferty
  • Musical Saw: Caroline McCaskey
  • Piano: Skylar Anderson
  • Percussion: Chantise Hunt